My furniture is really faded from being in a sunny room can restore the color?

Yes, furniture that has faded over time can usually be restored to its original color. We find a patch of original color, usually under a cushion, and custom mix a dye to match that original color.If an aniline leather piece is extremely dry and faded, we may need to return for a second visit to touch up the color once it has completely dried and the new dye has absorbed into the leather.

My dog has scratched my leather furniture, can it be fixed?

Yes, we can restore the surface, custom mix a dye and color over the repairs. Even if some of the scratches are all the way through the leather, repair is normally possible.

My favorite leather chair has a dark stain on the headrest and the arm rests, can you remove the stains?

Darkening of the leather at the head and arm rests is normally due to the transfer of body oils into the leather. We utilize a specially formulated degreaser product that is used in multiple applications to extract the body oils. Depending on the saturation level, we can remove the stain, or at least significantly lighten it.

My toddler scribbled on my leather ottoman with ball point pen. When I tried to remove the pen marks the color came off the leather too. Can you help?

Yes, most often, in order to remove ink stains, the leather dye comes off as well. No problem for us. We custom mix a dye to match the original color and dye over those areas to blend them in with the rest of the piece.

My leather sofa is really dirty and has food stains on it can you help?

Yes, our professional deep cleaning products are more powerful than anything that can be purchased from a retail store. Our trained technicians know how to utilize them to achieve the best cleaning result for your leather furniture. We finish all our jobs with a protectant/conditioner to keep your leather soft and supple.

How often should my leather furniture be cleaned?

Leather furniture manufacturers recommend cleaning and conditioning leather furniture every 3-6 months to keep the leather in top shape and prevent drying.

I love my leather sofa, but it is looking really faded and worn can you help?

Yes, we would first come out to your home and give it a thorough, professional deep cleaning. Then we can restore and surface problems and seal and raw leather areas. We will mix a custom dye (finished or aniline- depending on your original finish), dye over the piece to restore it’s original color. Finally, we finish with a protectant/conditioner to keep the leather soft.

My sofa cushions are getting flat and sagging can you help?

Yes, as long as there is access (usually a zipper) we can add Dacron fill to the cushions to bring back their firmness.

A friend dropped his cigarette on my new car seat can you do anything with burn holes?

Yes, we can repair burn holes in leather, velour, fabric and even in carpet.

Can you change the color of my leather furniture?

Sometimes we can change from a lighter to a darker color- it depends on the individual piece. Call us for more information.

I think part of my sofa is vinyl and there’s a tear in it, can you fix that too?

Yes, we can repair vinyl as well as leather. Often times a piece of furniture may be leather on the seats, backrests and arm rests, but the side panels and back panel may actually be vinyl, but again, no problem, we can fix it.